Thursday, 23 April 2009


Reaching for the door of opportunity
to find freedom
and break free.
The air is stale,
It is suffocating.
The 6 walls around me
Leave me in an enclosed cube.
I’m trapped!
The feeling that a Giant
like Goliath
Stands 6 feet tall
before me is prominent.
My flesh, weak and frail
Held together by ligaments of fear
Gives in, crumbling under the pressure
Of this challenge.
A giant within and a mountain before me –
An enclosure that needs a big God
To expose me.


This poem was talks about being trapped, not only physically in a house or something but being trapped by your thoughts and memories.It's when you keep remembering the things you want to forget that makes you feel trapped!

© The poets voice~~~ April 2009, All rights reserved.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Cross

An object, a mere symbol of Christianity
A pedant on your necklace or key chain
The sign made by the priest with his hands
Or the fusion of humanity and deity

Sometime around 25AD
A king was substituted for a robber
The son of God
Was mocked and made to suffer

The implement of execution
Turned to a means of Salvation
A blood sacrifice
That issued out redemption

On that plank of wood
Where his hands were nailed
His unconditional love
Had no bounds.

On that plank of wood
Where his feet were nailed
And that spear was thrust into His side:

Blood, so red and thick
Gushed out like a flood
- A flood that drowned
All sickness

Water, so strong
That the torrent
Washed away our sins like
a retreating wave on the shores of life

The cross.
The situation of Gods’ power
And humanity’s sinful nature.
The meeting of God and man.