Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Beyond Boundaries

Beyond these boundaries that stay forbidden,
You'll find your very own affections are hidden..
Emotions of trust, true love and understanding,
Bound by desires and prejudiced commanding..

Beyond these boundaries in a dark closed cage,
Which holds your wisdom and all our knowledge..
Lies an openness with no bounded limitations,
This space well excels our own expectations..

Beyond these boundaries in close proximity,
Here we find the opened arms of infinity..
Opened wide across to give concern and care,
Then joined together to make a common prayer..

Beyond these boundaries in blue heaven above,
Float clouds of our deepest heartfelt love..
One for each emotion and acceptance of every kind,
Thousands in numbers, under one roof they bind....

Beyond these boundaries in small known sections,
Are all our strong impulses and immense reactions..
From within the coffers of our hearts they rise,
Courage makes us brave and ideas make us wise..

Beyond these boundaries is here where we find,
Confrontations of illusions and a stable mind..
This is where sole comfort rules over distress,
Failing all failures and hurdles in our success..

Beyond these boundaries are the green fresh fields,
Where crops of misery die and understanding yields..
This is where content is and no one steal or borrow,
A smile drinks our tears and joy over rules sorrow..

Beyond these boundaries is the infinite sparkling sky,
One shooting bright star not seen by our naked eye..
Chilling sounds from within remain unheard by our ear,
Unconditional boundaries would make this picture more clear..

When our mind says you can't, Our heart says we can,
Achieve the impossible never achieved by another man..
Strength to transform the storm in a pleasant breeze,
Bring the vision of our soul and our demons will seize

by Abhijit Surve

© The poets voice~~~ January 2012, All rights reserved.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Outside the Window

The black bird.

Perched on a tree 24ft high.

Hop, step, jump

It goes. Then flies


High in the sky

Across the horizon

From the window of the library

Dense clouds travelling ever so slowly

As if saying hi and then bye

By and large my tears

On the brink of overflowing

Wait for the instruction

For the go ahead sign

When i give up hope

And can’t take it anymore

Studying is hard

I’m so tired of feeling

Sick and tired of


Feeling sad, empty

Not living the full worth of what I thought

Or expected life to be.

My expectation of a smooth journey

Has been marred with painful struggles

And here i wait, i fade into the distance

And I almost sink into the chair of self pity

As i wonder ‘when will it all be over?’

Over and over, the tears threaten to advance

Dancing on my eyelids...

Eventually, they drop onto the

Clear track that is my face

And I remain gazing out my window

Gazing out of this box that is my life.

I wrote this a while back when I was studying for exams. The view outside was great and I just let my thoughts wander. I had had it with studying and it was all too much at the time but I made it and I passed the year! :-)

© The poets voice~~~ August 2010, All rights reserved.

Friday, 8 July 2011


The longest book in the bible
Not surprising as it speaks for all of life
Not life as we wished it to be, just life as it is
Running the gamut of human emotion
From thanksgiving to fear,
To loneliness, to grief

It’s an expression of feelings
Through poems and songs
Helping us to better understand
Why our hearts long to be close to God

We see the fragility and imperfection of man
The psalmist cries for forgiveness
He vents his pain to God
Trusting God fully; His faithfulness
Has no end.
He completely pours out his heart
Taking a step to become whole

Learning to pray the Psalms
Opens a personal communication line
With God. We are able to realize
His presence.
Thanking him for the very essence
Of who He is
Remembering What He did
In the past and how he delivered you from your enemies

© The poets voice~~~ August 2010, All rights reserved.

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Playlist, check
Volume on high, yes
I-phone in place, check
Head phones connected, yep!

Bumping my head to the tune
Not knowing that what I’m listening to
Has the power to change my mood

Immersed in another world
Where my spirit thrives on every word
That is sung
Oblivious to the change that is going on

#Delete. All gospel truth now cleared
#Ctrl S. The new changes have been saved
A clean wipe out of my memory like a hard drive
#Caps Lock. Fear, pain, insecurity, no more bible verse

Moving. Under. The Spiritual. Influence of Christ
That’s what music is really about
It should be an expression of worship
Deep down from the heart

So when making a melody in your heart
It’s a spiritual exercise
Through which He can make you glad
So make a joyful noise

Let the prince of this world be silent and listen
As you do M.U.S.I.C.

© The poets voice~~~ May 2011, All rights reserved.