Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A virtuous woman

A virtuous woman, who can find?
She is worth much more than rubies
She is strong
Her lamp burns late into the night
A woman of virtue, yes she is me!

She makes cloth
So skillfully woven
That they are expensive
Worth a lot when sold
Her hands never cease to work
They know no idleness
Only relentless energy

Her husband praises her
Her children could have no better mother
Although there are many fine women out there
She surpasses them all

She speaks wise words
And teaches others to do the same
She never wastes her time
‘Cos she knows that it is precious.
She watches over her family
Making sure everyone is well fed and happy
Then she opens her doors to the poor
A selfless act of kindness by an excellent entrepreneur

She is a compatible companion; a loyal friend
Her husband trusts her completely
With her, he has all he needs.
She does not harbour evil intentions
She does him good
For as long as she lives!

She maintains a standard of
Moral excellence and Good character
Clothed with Humility, Self worth and self confidence
Her Dignity is intact
She is beautiful and full of charm
She looks to the future with joy
Most importantly, She fears the Lord!

© The poets voice~~~ June 2010, All rights reserved.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Lord anoint my tongue, anoint my lips
So that everytime I sit, I wonder and I think
Let it be your words that I speak

‘cos my mind is a mess
But for your goodness
I know you can fix me next

Give me the words to say
To the people that come my way
As I go about today.

This is a little prayer in the form of poetry. there are times when i really want to encourage someone but i don't have the right words. There are times when i feel that there's so much going on with me that i cannot even bring myself to talk to someone else about their own problems. This was just going through my head and i was thinking if God can just anoint my words so that rather than me struggling to find my own words, i'll speak His own words and they'll be perfect.....just the right therapy for someone's broken heart or worried mind e.t.c

© The poets voice~~~ June 2010, All rights reserved.