Friday, 8 July 2011


The longest book in the bible
Not surprising as it speaks for all of life
Not life as we wished it to be, just life as it is
Running the gamut of human emotion
From thanksgiving to fear,
To loneliness, to grief

It’s an expression of feelings
Through poems and songs
Helping us to better understand
Why our hearts long to be close to God

We see the fragility and imperfection of man
The psalmist cries for forgiveness
He vents his pain to God
Trusting God fully; His faithfulness
Has no end.
He completely pours out his heart
Taking a step to become whole

Learning to pray the Psalms
Opens a personal communication line
With God. We are able to realize
His presence.
Thanking him for the very essence
Of who He is
Remembering What He did
In the past and how he delivered you from your enemies

© The poets voice~~~ August 2010, All rights reserved.

2 voices have spoken:

Jaycee said...

I loved this. You're right. I relate to the psalmist as a plain human being when I see him cry out to God for forgiveness and help.

David C Brown said...

There is no poetry like the poetry of scripture; for it is inspired in a true way. The spirit of Christ shines in it.

Thank you for the reminder!