Saturday, 28 May 2011


Playlist, check
Volume on high, yes
I-phone in place, check
Head phones connected, yep!

Bumping my head to the tune
Not knowing that what I’m listening to
Has the power to change my mood

Immersed in another world
Where my spirit thrives on every word
That is sung
Oblivious to the change that is going on

#Delete. All gospel truth now cleared
#Ctrl S. The new changes have been saved
A clean wipe out of my memory like a hard drive
#Caps Lock. Fear, pain, insecurity, no more bible verse

Moving. Under. The Spiritual. Influence of Christ
That’s what music is really about
It should be an expression of worship
Deep down from the heart

So when making a melody in your heart
It’s a spiritual exercise
Through which He can make you glad
So make a joyful noise

Let the prince of this world be silent and listen
As you do M.U.S.I.C.

© The poets voice~~~ May 2011, All rights reserved.

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Oracle said...

I'm loving this post.
Very simple and straight forward, I'm also very crazy about Music.

Itz nice to be on another's poet blog, check out my poems and tell me what you think